Fast Food & Food Courts


Fast Food and Food Courts

The kitchen for fast food and food courts are generally tight and laden with cooking equipment and preparation equipment. Design considerations for these type of kitchen are to provide equipment that is purpose suit and where possible multifunctional. The requirement is to provide a quick service meal and to support front serving counters. Aisles are tight to minimise additional walking space between working benches. Storage of support FF&E (removable fixtures, furniture and equipment) must be well thought of to ensure efficiency and speedy process.

It is crucial that sufficient services are provided to these outlets as these sort of outlets are generally the most heavily laden with services requirement due to the dense nature on the design. Apart from design work, FCA will also provide advise on estimation of services requirement for these outlets to developers. In this case, these outlets are designed as a shell by the developer to be fitted out by tenancy. Thus, it is crucial that sufficient services are provided to ensure that the required F&B mix within the site could be achieved and will not limit the type of tenancy that the developer would like to achieve.

Below are some of the Fast Food and Food Court Outlets that FCA has been involved in :-

  • The Galleria Melbourne, Victoria
  • The Ten Mile Foodcourt – Crown Casino, Victoria
  • Cargo Shed – Docklands, Victoria
  • Thailander, Riverside Quay
  • The University of NSW, NSW
  • The Star Casino, NSW
  • Dubai Mall, UAE
  • The Palm Jumeirah, UAE
  • Lemongrass, Gardens Shopping Mall, UAE
  • The Ajman Waterfront, UAE
  • Burj Dubai, UAE
  • MTR Tower, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong