Hospitals & Healthcare


Hospitals and Healthcare

FCA deliver consulting services to a range of healthcare and welfare clients including the design of facilities for aged care facilities to large hospital cook chill Central Production Units.

In these facilities, HACCP accountability and processes are very critical. The other crucial aspect is the meal cost produced within these kitchen. FCA strive to work with the client on a design that has a one way process to avoid cross contamination, slimline but yet efficient and using automated and efficient equipment. The design has to be uncluttered (for ease of trolley movement), easily cleaned and with sufficient space to create an efficient working space.

Efficient and cost effective equipment such as automated data logging system for temperature of rooms to replace manual data logging system, electrolysed water to replace most washing and cleaning detergents and sanitizers, presurized bratt pan and stirrer kettles to increase production and reduces staff time on the equipment, automated guidance vehicle (AGV) to deliver meal trolleys to different area and reduces the requirement of kitchen staff to do this task are a few of the design considerations that FCA incorporates to achieve the desired results.

hot kitchen Kingston   Joondalup Hospital

Current and Previous Hospital and Healthcare Projects:


  • New Children Hospital, Perth, WA
  • Canberra Hospital, ACT
  • Fiona Stanley Hospital, WA
  • Joondalup Hospital, WA
  • St. John of God, Berwick, VIC
  • Kingston Hospital Central Production Unit, VIC
  • Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital Central Production Unit, VIC
  • McKellar Centre – Barwon Health Central Production Unit, VIC
  • Casey Hospital, Berwick, VIC
  • Prince Court Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
  • King Hamad Hospital, BAHRAIN

Aged Care Facilities

  • Baptcare Wyndham, VIC
  • Baptcare Strathalan, VIC
  • Benetas, Bendigo, VIC
  • Benetas, Mornington, VIC
  • Benetas, Frankston, VIC
  • Benetas, Altona, VIC
  • Samarinda Lodge, VIC
  • Abberfield Age Care, VIC
  • Arcare, Craigieburn, VIC
  • Arcare, Keysborough, VIC
  • Jewish Care Victoria, VIC
  • Autumn Care Boronia, VIC