Production Kitchens & Flight Catering


Production Kitchens and Flight Catering

Production Kitchens and Flight Catering has very similar requirement to Hospital and Healthcare where HACCP accountability is very crucial in the process and within the facility.

Being a bulk production facility, these kitchens predominantly have large percentage of the area dedicated for refrigerated storage of food. It is crucial that the refrigeration system used in these facilities are very efficient, rated for the extreme range of  temperature, be reliable and cost effective to run. FCA generally recommends secondary refrigeration system to service these facilities. As a cost effective process, the refrigeration plant for coolrooms in the kitchen could also be combined with the air-conditioning system servicing the office area.

Majority of these facilities will adopt a cook-chill method of delivery. Depending on the type of production, the cooking equipment spans from bulk production equipment such as pressurized bratt pans, stirrer kettles and combisteamers.  With the cook-chill method of delivery, these cooking equipment could be coupled with chilling process such as the cook-chill kettles, tumble chillers, multifunction cooking/blast chillers, sous vide cooker with chill water bath and roll in blast chillers.

One other main aspect of designing this type of kitchen is that it is a ‘trolley driven’ kitchen. The aisle and space allocation as well as floor finishing consideration is important to ensure efficiency and practicality.